What do you imagine when you think of Alaska? Ancient glaciers, deep oceans, Arctic tundra, or old growth rainforest? There’s all that, and so much more!

Alaska is comprised of 663,300 miles and is the largest state in the United States. There are vast landscapes, wildlife, wild places and Alaska Native cultures. Traveling through Alaska offers a front row seat to experience inspiring scenery and exquisite wildlife. Whether you decide to travel by road, air or sea, you will experience a scenic journey sure to be memorable. Want the ultimate road trip? Maybe you would like to travel by car or RV. It’s totally possible! Other options available are travel by plane, cruise, ferry, train, car or motorcoach/bus. Whatever you choose, you’ll be awestruck and amazed!

Experiencing Alaska Native cultures is high on the list for many Alaska visitors. Alaska offers endless options for learning about traditional lands, languages, and ways of being. Experience the stories passed down from Elders and feel the heartbeat of drums used in traditional dancing. You can experience a blanket toss at a whaling celebration, learn about totem carving techniques passed down from generation to generation, and learn about regional and local Alaska Native functional and creative arts, ranging from carving and basket weaving to sewing and silversmithing.

ALASKA NATIVE CULTURE - There are five groups of Alaska Native people identified by region –